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CAP Financial Management 
Director of Finance (FM) - Capt Edward McMullin 


Please see the Wing Personnel Authorization for the most up-to-date list here: Personnel Authorizations and for contact information login into PCR Tools Here.


CAWG Finance Department completes over 15,000 transactions annually, more than any other Wing in Nation. The wing's finance department has two paid staff personnel and one CAP member to oversee the Wing's finances. The finance department of the California Wing serves under the leadership of the members of the California Wing Finance Committee. It's through the staff's efforts and the competent leadership of these seasoned professionals of the finance committee that California has maintained a financial low-risk rating by National HQ and its auditors.


Q. Can our Squadron have a petty cash box for making purchases?
A. No. Petty cash accounts are not allowed per CAPR 173-1.
Q. Can our Squadron use funds collected from activities to pay the expenses at the event?
A. No. All money collected from any source must first be deposited into the Wing Banker bank account prior to disbursement CAPR 173-1.
Q. If our Squadron needs a deposit for our banquet can we request an advance from the Wing Banker?
A. Yes. Pre-pay or advances are available; please contact SWA or WA at Wing Headquarters.
Q. Can Squadron's access bank statements from the Wing Banker program?
A. Yes. Bank statements can be accessed on the FOUO section of the Wing's website.
Q. What is the phone number for California Wing Headquarters (SWA and WA)?
A. The phone number for Wing is 818 989-8100 and the fax number is 818 989-8108


Click here to access the California Wing FOUO site. Note, that a login is required.

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