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Information Technology

Information Technology 

Director of Information Technology (IT) - Captain Isaac Wilson


Please see the Wing Personnel Authorization for the most up-to-date list here: Personnel Authorizations and for contact information login into PCR Tools Here.


Manages and directs all information technology-related activities.

  • Manage and direct wing Information Technology programs.
  • Serve as the unit WSA responsible for assigning and editing permissions for appointed members (if allowed by applicable Wing policy).
  • Serve as the echelon WSA responsible for the periodic review of assigned permissions throughout subordinate units (if allowed by applicable Wing policy).
  • Assist the Director of Operations in Operational Security (OPSEC) awareness training matters and ensure Information Security (INFOSEC) training is performed on time.
  • Develop and implement wing IT policies and procedures supporting CAP's missions.
  • Develop and implement training programs for unit members to ensure efficient use of all IT assets.
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the unit website.
  • Assist the unit commander in generating up-to-date measurable performance data extracted from available information systems.

 Support Function (CAP Help Desk - Wing Level):

  • Coordinate help desk issues between superior and subordinate headquarters.
  • Track IT-related support issues and inquiries for the unit for submission, through proper channels, to higher headquarters.
  • Collect and collate information regarding IT-related support issues and inquiries from subordinate echelons for submission, through proper channels, to higher headquarters.
  • Develop automated, streamlined reporting systems to capture periodic data IAW pertinent regulations that are not in conflict with systems put in place by higher headquarters.


CAWG - IT Support


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