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Aircraft Maintenance

Director of Operations 
Director (DOAM) - Capt Gary Cinnamon


Please see the Wing Personnel Authorization for the most up-to-date list here: Personnel Authorizations and for contact information login into PCR Tools Here.


Mission Statement
California Wing (CAWG) must not only maintain its fleet in a safe, operable condition; it must also increase the utilization of its fleet by its customers. These objectives require the CAWG staff to administer a proactive maintenance management program. In turn, this program requires units with assigned corporate aircraft to accomplish thorough preventive maintenance, timely unscheduled maintenance, systematic refurbishment and corrosion prevention.

Manager Duties and Procedures

See Section 2. of CAPP 130-3 - CAP AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE OFFICER GUIDE at NHQ's website located Here


NHQ link for CAPR 130-2, Civil Air Patrol Aircraft Maintenance Management

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