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Aircraft Maintenance

Director of Operations 
Director (DOAM) - Capt Gary Cinnamon


Please see the Wing Personnel Authorization for the most up-to-date list here: Personnel Authorizations and for contact information login into PCR Tools Here.


Mission Statement
California Wing (CAWG) must not only maintain its fleet in a safe, operable condition; it must also increase the utilization of its fleet by its customers. These objectives require the CAWG staff to administer a proactive maintenance management program. In turn, this program requires units with assigned corporate aircraft to accomplish thorough preventive maintenance, timely unscheduled maintenance, systematic refurbishment and corrosion prevention.

Manager Duties and Procedures
  • CAWG Aircraft Maintenance Procedures. Corporate aircraft assigned to California Wing are managed under Consolidated Maintenance. Procedures are as follows:
  • Mid-cycle (50 hour) oil change
  • Cost < $200 for simple oil and filter change, A/C manager supplies oil, filter and authorizes work, no additional approval required.
  • Cost > $200 due to additional squawks or repairs needed- A/C manager advises
  • CAWG DOAM of costs via phone or email. He will contact NHQ for approval and advise A/C manager when accomplished.
  • 100 hour/annual inspection. Contact contract vendor at least 5 days in advance to
  • make arrangements to bring aircraft to shop. Allow time to delay arrival if there is a wait due to other aircraft in process. A/C manager will also arrange other planes and pilots or car and driver to ferry pilot back to home base. All flights will be processed under A9 mission symbol using monthly A mission number. POV will also be reimbursed for regular grade fuel only, and should be processed as Ground mission under monthly A mission number. Generally, member owned aircraft will not be permitted or reimbursed without specific approval from the PLR Commander. All reimbursement requests use Form e108 in WMIRS to CAP HQ for payment. When work is completed, A/C manager again arranges ferry flight or vehicle to get pilot to shop to retrieve plane. Contract shop may provide parts and labor for additional work up to $750 without additional approval. Charges over that amount must be approved by NHQ through DOAM channel.
  • Under both maintenance situations, unplanned repairs that cannot be deferred until the next major inspection may either be done at home base or another shop, pending condition of aircraft and if it can be flown safely. Estimates may be required.
  • When work is completed under all situations, the invoices must be sent to DOAM for approval and advancement to NHQ for payment.
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