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Director of Communications 

Director (DOC) - Lt Col Christopher Suter


Please see the Wing Personnel Authorization for the most up-to-date list here: Personnel Authorizations and for contact information login into PCR Tools Here.


  1. Develop and implement communications plans, programs and directives in close coordination and in support of command, operations and emergency services.
  2. Proper accountability of communications equipment assigned to the wing.
  3. Ensuring communications equipment assigned to the wing is properly used and is secure.
  4. Manage communications data for the wing in ORMS.
  5. Ensuring staff, records and corporate property are available for the annual survey audit.
  6. Assisting with the coordination of reassigning communications assets as and where needed within the wing.
  7. Coordinate communications plans and programs with other staff agencies and with subordinate and higher headquarters.
  8. Develop detailed operating procedures for communications operations and guidance to subordinate units and personnel.
  9. Collect and report data to determine the effectiveness of communications operations.
  10. Coordinate licensing or frequency authorizations for all radio operations.
  11. Develop communications training programs.
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