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Safety  Director of Safety - Lt Col Elsie Lam


Please see the Wing Personnel Authorization for the most up-to-date list here: Personnel Authorizations and for contact information login into PCR Tools Here.


The mission of the Safety Staff at CAWG is to keep the Wing CC informed of safety-related problems, conditions, issues and activities in the Wing. We accomplish this through interaction with Pacific Region and with the Safety resources within California Wing. Specifically, we receive guidance from Region and we pass it on to CAWG Group SEs and CCs for dissemination to the Squadrons. We provide safety training material to the Groups and Squadrons and we provide classroom training periodically throughout the Wing. We keep the Squadrons and Groups aware of recent mishaps and mishap trends and the means with which to control the causes whenever possible.

We consider Safety awareness among the individual members to be the key to minimizing damage, injury and loss of CAP's valuable resources – its people, its equipment and its property.


Q. How do I know for sure if a "mishap" is reportable, or it's what happened is truly a "mishap"?

A. Refer first to CAPR 62-2 for guidance and to the appendixes therein. If you are still not sure, refer to the CAWG Supplement to Regulation 62-2 and call those shown on the list, in the order shown, and direct your question to the first person reached. (These are the same people you would call anyway to report the "mishap").


CAWG - Mishap Report

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