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California Wing Conference 2024 Staff

1st Lt. Clair Gregory, CAP

Project Officer and Conference Commander

First Lieutenant Clair Gregrory

Lt Gregory has been with Civil Air Patrol since she was 12 years old, starting at Eugene L. Carnahan Cadet Squadron 85. She served numerous positions throughout her cadet career, where she made it to C/Maj.

She currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada, serving as California Wing Plans and Programs Officer. Her career is with JPMorgan Chase Bank as a Private Client Banker, serving affluent clients with their financial needs.

1st Lt. Samantha Moat, CAP

Protocol Officer and Conference Registrar

First Lieutenant Samantha Moat

Lt. Moat joined Eugene L. Carnahan Cadet Squadron 85 as a Cadet in 2009 and became a Senior Member in 2019. She was appointed as her squadron’s Aerospace Officer, Flight Training Officer, and Deputy Commander for Cadets, utilizing her cadet experience to mentor her squadron’s cadet staff.

As a cadet, Lt. Moat served on the Group 5 Color Guard for several years and currently coaches Squadron 85’s current Color Guard team. She was also a member of the 2010 and 2011 California Wing Drill Team, moving onto representing the Pacific Coast Region at the 2011 National Cadet Competition.

Lt. Moat holds a Technician rating in Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs.

Lt. Moat received a Commander’s Commendation award for her efforts planning the first-ever Virtual California Wing Conference in 2020, as well as the subsequent conferences in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Lt. Moat proudly serves California Wing as the Director of Public Affairs.

She is excited to provide CAP members and their spouses with an immersive conference experience and hopes that everyone enjoys the superb learning environment and meeting new friends!

Maj. Richard West, CAP

Conference Gopher

Major Richard West

Maj. West joined CAP in March 2017 and serves as San Francisco Bay Group 2 Commander. Maj. West was appointed group commander while assembling rooms at last year's conference. There is a reason why the CWC Staff calls Maj. West "gopher" because he's "go for this, and go for that." If you are new to CAP, you'll easily recognize Maj. West at CWC24 because he'll be fast-walking the venue ensuring a pleasant learning experience for all. Occasionally, you may catch him wearing his uniform and/or teaching a session or two.

BTW, "CC" stands for "Cookie Commander"

Col. King Maximus Julien XIII, CAP

Assistant Project Officer, Conference Mascot, and Keynote Speaker

Colonel King Maximus Julien the Thirteenth

In addition to being a movie star and worldwide karaoke sensation, Col. Julien is a former commander for the Madagascar Wing and an aspiring hot air balloon pilot.  Col. Julien is also a keen dancer, as was shown in his debut appearance in the movie Madagascar and its subsequent sequels.

Col. Julien is currently on sabbatical in the Malagasy Republic where he is producing and directing a documentary series on the migratory patterns of indigenous waterfowl.

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