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Here are a few references that can help complete tasks in the checklists:

  • New Member Welcome Booklet / Senior Member Great Start Guide / Cadet Great Start Guide  – These are guides that are published by our national headquarters. The new member booklet is your first resource to get started as an active adult member of CAP. Here you can learn a little about the organization, get information on obtaining your user name and password; populate information in your personal eServices account, and learn about taking your first step as a CAP member: completing the Level I Orientation Course.

  • AXIS Login Instructions – Axis is our new Learning Management System and is part of the eServices suite that is described in the New Member Welcome Booklet. Many of the courses that are described in the checklist can be found in AXIS. Civil Air Patrol is also transitioning to AXIS, so if you find a reference to a course that you can’t find, you can check AXIS.

  • Publications of the Civil Air Patrol – Civil Air Patrol documents our standard business practices in a series of documents that can be found on our National Headquarters website. Collectively, we call these the regulations but they consist of regulations, manuals, pamphlets, and forms.

  • National CAP Website – Our National Headquarters was recently consolidated from many supporting websites. Information on our programs is now much easier to find here.

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