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Costs for Adult Members

One of the most common questions that potential members have about Civil Air Patrol is how much it will cost. Our adult members, called Senior Members, can expect the following breakdown will give you an idea of how much to budget for membership in Civil Air Patrol.

Initial Costs

When a new member joins Civil Air Patrol, the following expenses are typical

Item Estimated Cost
National Dues (paid as part of membership application) $82 for senior members in California (2021). See the current dues Here on the National website.
Squadron Dues (collected by squadron) Variable depending on the Squadron.
Corporate (polo) uniform items  - (the most versatile uniform is the corporate "polo" uniform)
Polo shirt

$28.85 to $47.85*

*there are a few different options including a screen-printed shirt, a golf shirt and a tactical shirt to choose from

Grey (Tactical) trousers

$30 to $53.50*

*multiple appropriate versions of tactical grey pants are available online.

black, plain-toed boots

$35 to $110*

*prices vary, but options for black, plain-toed boots are available online for as low as $35

Corporate Service (Aviator) Uniform - (optional, but very common)
Short-sleeve Aviator shirt $30.35
Grey Trousers

$0 to $60*

*a pair of plain, grey slacks/trousers is something many people have in their closets already. If not, these can be purchased in many places including online.




Estimated total out-of-pocket cost for dues and uniforms related to joining Civil Air Patrol is typically between $200 to $350.

In addition, some of our members will elect to purchase additional uniforms, such as a flight suit or military style uniforms, as an additional, optional expense.

Recurring Costs

The main expenses that members incur for continuing their membership in CAP are the following:

  • $82 annually for National Dues (as of 2021)
  • Variable depending on the squadron.
  • Replacing uniform items as they wear out
  • Rank, ribbons, and insignia when awarded. Typical costs can range between $1.50 to $30 for new insignia.

Activity Costs

Many activities at Civil Air Patrol are offered for no cost. For other activities, such as training exercises, where lunch is provided, the hosting unit will typically charge a small fee (generally around $10-$15) to cover the cost of food.  

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