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Instructor and Pilot upgrades for Hawaii Wing.

June 22, 2021

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Instructor and Pilot upgrades for Hawaii Wing 

Hawaii Wing and California Wing conduct Joint Pilot Training

Location – Kalaeloa Airport (PHJR), HI — June 22, 2021 

From 14 to 21 June 2021, two San Francisco Group 2 Check Pilot Examiners, Maj Jeffrey Ironfield and Capt Keith Breton, both from Tri-Valley Composite Squadron 156, spent seven 12-hour days training Hawaii Wing (HIWG) pilots. 

Post-Covid, Hawaii Wing determined that they needed to enhance their training by increasing their number of Check Pilots and they turned to California Wing to assist. 

Two sets of pilot trainees were identified as needing training and two goals were set. The first goal was to train those that needed to become Check Pilots (CP), Check Pilot Examiners (CPE), and Instructor Pilots (IP). These CAP pilots already hold a FAA Certificated Flight Instructor certificate and were ideal candidates to become CAP Check Pilots or Instructor Pilots. In CAP, a Check Pilot typically trains new CAP pilots and conducts the flight evaluation, a CAPF 70-5, otherwise known as the Form 5. 

The CAP Check Pilot is a critical resource in the training and evaluation of CAP pilots and is necessary for the continuity of our flying program. 

The second goal was to train those existing HIWG CAP pilots that needed upgrades to Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), such as the Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna 172 and 182. 

Maj Ironfield and Capt Breton trained in Hawaii for seven days out of Kalaeloa Airport on the beautiful island of O’ahu. Day one met the first goal of the training as our Check Pilot Examiners conducted two successful Form 5’s and HIWG now has two brand new Check Pilots. The remaining days were spent in the achievement of the second goal by training HIWG pilots in CAP’s Garmin G1000 equipped aircraft. 

This joint CAWG and HIWG training event was a great success and after a week of intense 12-hour days, HIWG has 2 new CPs, 2 new IPs, 2 new VFR Initials, 1 new G1000, and 1 abbreviated G1000. 

Capt Keith Breton, Group 2 DOV mentioned that “The Hawaii wing CAP members are dedicated, motivated and fun to be around.” 

Below are profiles of the Hawaii CAP Pilots with Capt Breton’s reflections. Additional photos of the HIWG pilots and base staff are at the bottom of the article.

Hawaii pilot SM Griselda Concepcion is the deputy commander for the Wheeler Squadron on O'ahu. She successfully completed an Initial F5 including Hi-Perf (182), O-Ride and G1000-VFR. Capt Keith Breton mentioned that “She is also a hard-charger and very much the future of CAP!” 

SM Stephanie Cedeno-Barrett is a member of the Wheeler squadron on O'ahu. She earned her original fixed wing pilot certificate in Panama. She joined the Army here and after becoming a citizen and lots of hard work she became a Blackhawk copter pilot. Capt Breton mentioned that “We did a training flight with her to refresh her fixed wing skills as she hasn't flown a 182 since sometime in 2019. We definitely had to overcome some negative transference as she approached the runway like she was in a helicopter, but she worked through that.” Capt Breton also mentioned that “She is an awesome pilot!” 

Capt Ironfield worked with SM Kaj Loken-Kim while wearing overwater vests. SM Loken-Kim successfully completed an Abbreviated F5 to add C172 type and Instructor Pilot privileges. SM Loken-Kim is an A&P and currently works as a fixed wing CFI and a Tour Helicopter pilot in a Eurocopter 130 series. He is currently a member of a squadron in the Kona area. 

Maj Ironfield and Capt Breton also flew with Senior Member (4-star) Gen Ray Johns, USAF ret. to successfully evaluate him to become a CAP CP (and add 172 type). 

Lt Col Michael Prusak, California Wing Director of Operations mentioned that our two Check Pilot Examiners are “Leading the way by providing talent and technical expertise in the upgrade training for Hawaii Wing Pilots”. 

Hawaii Wing Commander, Col Chantal Lonergan said that “It was an excellent week of training. Hawaii Wing is grateful to everyone who contributed to making this a successful training event. It highlighted the One CAP philosophy, and we look forward to more joint training events.” 

No CAP exercise is complete without the tireless support from base staff. Assisting as Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD) was Lt Col Rojo Herrera, the Wheeler Squadron Commander. He released flights and helped manage the mission base. He said that ““Hawaii’s CAP Wing is getting stronger with every flight. Big mahalo (Hawaiian thank you) to these Pacific Coast Region pilots, Jeff Ironfield and Keith Breton!” 

Beautiful Malakole Harbor to the North-West of Kalaeloa Airport on O’ahu.
Photo taken by Maj Jeff Ironfield 

SM Griselda Concepcion, HIWG and CAWG CPE, Capt Keith Breton brief their sortie.
Photo taken by Lt Col Rojo Herrera 

SM Stephanie Cedeno-Barrett, HIWG and Capt Keith Breton CAWG CPE pose for a selfie after their sortie.
Photo taken by Capt Keith Breton 

CAWG CPE Capt Ironfield and SM Loken-Kim, HIWG inspect their CAP aircraft.
Photo taken by Capt Keith Breton 

SM Ray Johns, HIWG briefs his sortie to CAWG CPE’s, Capt Keith Breton and Maj Jeff Ironfield.
Photo taken by Lt Col Rojo Herrera 

Lt Col Rojelio "Rojo" Herrera, Jr, HIWG AOBD and CAWG CPE Maj Jeff Ironfield pose in front of a HIWG aircraft.
Photo by Capt Keith Breton

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