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Group 2 cadets earn NRA Marksmanship badges

June 21, 2021

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Group 2 cadets earn NRA Marksmanship badges

Hayward, CA — June 20, 2021

20 cadets attend California Wing’s Group 2 NRA Marksmanship event in Hayward, CA.

Representing seven of the eight Squadrons with cadets in San Francisco Group 2 and ranging in age from 12 to 19, these cadets fired over 2000 rounds from .22LR bolt-action rifles as they earned their Marksmanship badges. One cadet stated they waited over three years to participate in an event like this and was eager to get started.

The courses of fire in the program are designed to take shooters from beginning skill levels (Pro-Marksman and Marksman) through intermediate levels (Marksman First Class, Sharpshooter and Expert) up to the nationally recognized skill level—Distinguished Expert, the pinnacle of the program. By the time a shooter completes the Distinguished Expert rating, they have attained a proficiency level paralleling that of a competitively classified Sharpshooter.

The Civil Air Patrol recognizes this achievement and CAPR 39-1 Section states the NRA Marksmanship badge may be worn by cadets as part of their Class B uniform. All 20 cadets earned Marksmanship badges of varying levels. C/CMSgt Logan Yang and C/CMSgt Dakota Yang of Squadron 18 earned the highest award of Sharpshooter, and C/TSgt Cayden Gu of Squadron 10 and C/Amn Ethan Failano of Squadron 18 tied for the highest score of 199 out of 200 points possible. Congratulations to all of the cadets!

If your Squadron or Group would like information on hosting an NRA Marksmanship event for CAP cadets contact 2nd Lt. Robin Yang (

PHOTO 1: Credit: 2nd Lt. Yang

Caption: Cadets take aim at the San Leandro Rifle & Pistol range. The regulation A-32 target is 3.3” wide and shot at a distance of 50’ away.

PHOTO 2: Credit: 2nd Lt. Yang

Caption: The Savage Mk.II rifles used by the cadets are outfitted with precision diopter sights and can put two rounds into a single hole.

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2nd Lt. Robin Yang
Deputy Commander, Public Affairs Officer, Squadron 18
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